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Apple Smoked Brie

Apple Smoked Cornish Brie


Smoked Cornish Brie, is a handmade Cornish Brie made from full fat pasteurised cow milk in order to present it’s deliciously mild yet creamy cheese with a distinctive yellow buttery pate. We use this brie and smoke it very lightly for a long time for the best results at an even smooth smoke through such a fine Brie.

Serving Suggestions:

Smoked Brie like many cheeses is great with wine of an evening or even for a tasting event. It can be baked and ready to be dipped in with which ever style of crisps cracker or bread bites tickle your fancy. A personal favourite of ours is cranberry baked smoked brie, perfect for winter warmth!

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cornish smoked brie (Milk). Allergens: for all allergens see capitals in ingredients.
Smoked brie will be delivered with a refrigerated courier. Items ordered should arrive with in 48 hours unless express delivery is paid for in advance. If items have not arrived with in designated time please get in touch. For delivery costs please see our delivery page.
Smoked mozzarella should be kept refridgerated. Leave to settle to room temp for 30 mins unless planned to heat up. Consume within three days of opening. For best eating experience be sure to consume before end date.

Portions and orders:

We try to portion apple smoked brie to as close to 250 grams as possible but due to hand slicing we cannot guarantee perfect sizes so for the benefit of our customers of our customers to stop you paying more than you should we charge per kilo. For this reason we ask that you make your order using the request form on the contact page. And we will get back yo you with a cost before delivery. If you wish for over sized or undersized then please request so and we will do our best.

£5.00 Per 250g.