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Smoked Pantry

Oak Smoked Salt Oak Smoked Peppercorns Oak Smoked Chilli Flakes Oak Smoked Olives Oak Smoked Coffee

Smoked Salt. Are you  new to smoked food and want to see what sort of flavour oak smoked foods have to offer then this is the product for you. Simply add to your product and get as close to the real smoked flavour as possible with out actually being smoked. This product is also perfect for those who love smoked food while others around them don’t enjoy the same taste in fine food. Smoked salt can allow you to cook a non smoked food and give it that smokey flavour you were looking forward too. While leaving  those less fortunate in the taste bud department to mellow in there less exquisite meal.

Why stop at the normal smoked foods? Make your own dressings and seasoning mixes to your own satisfaction with this simple yet clever little product to infuse any recipe with that smokey zing. Our smoked peppercorns come in an adjustable glass grinder. The grinder is reusable too. If your a dab hand in the kitchen and you happen to be as into summer BBQ’s as we are why not make yourself your very own  BBQ seasoning mix.  

Smoked chilli flakes are a great ingredient. Tastes lovely served topped on pizza or added to soups and dressings. We smoke our chilli flakes for 8 hours to give a rich smoked flavour. Our chilli flakes are made from dried crushed whole chillies and come packaged in a glass adjustable grinder. The grinder can be reused. For those who enjoy a bit of heat try adding our flakes to any dish and let us know what you think.

Smoked Olives are a real treat to be enjoyed as often as you can get your hands on them. These tasty little bites are the perfect snack for smoked food lovers! Our olives come pitted or stuffed with pimento. Smoked olives come in a tamper proof pot, so just throw them in with your packed lunch and enjoy something special for that lunch time lift! The green olives we use come from Spain for the best quality. Smoking Olives is a fine art to master but we know we’ve got it handled let us know what you think!

Now coffee enthusiast are probably a little less common than all of us foodies out there but… never ones to leave anyone out Smeatons Smokehouse has mastered the grass routes taste of campfire coffee. Smoked coffee holds a certain prestige here at Smeatons Smokehouse with the exclusivity we hold on the product we pride ourselves on unique taste of this traditional style coffee.

Smoked Olive oil is a magnificent taste and the best way to top of a warm salad. The Spanish extra virgin oil we use comes from the very first press of the harvest. It arrives a very light green and darkens with the smoking process. Smoking Olive oil takes a lot of attention and care. All of this care becomes obvious when you open the bottle as the aroma of smoked olive oil is marvellous! Our bottles come with pouring spouts so all you have to do is crack open the bottle and enjoy.

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