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All of our cheeses are sourced for the highest quality we believe is available. All of our cheese is true smoked unlike a lot of other brands simply smoke flavoured using seasonings like paprika. This is a false representation as the true taste of the smoke permeated through our cheese could never be replicated. All of our cheese comes in packaging that allows us to give you the best possible shelf life. We charge for our cheeses on a price per weight basis . Because of the care and passion we put into our product we don’t use industrial machines to cut or package our products this means a better quality control but also that the cheeses are not always exact measurements of weight so to stop you paying more than you have to we have put this price by weight system in place.

Due to the nature of our artisan cheeses being so naturally hand produced we are un able to provide exact replica weights for each cut but each wedge of cheddar is cut hoping to be as close to 250g as possible.

250g wedge cut cheddar. Available in three different flavours of smoke, Oak, Apple, and Cherry. Each one so unique in flavour yet each as fine tasting as the other the traditional oak smoke for more reminiscent smoked food enthusiasts, apple smoke for the more common enjoyment and unique flavour to Smeatons smokehouse cherry offering a very different sensation to the taste buds enjoyable in many different formats.

Oak Smoked Stilton Cherry Smoked Cheddar Apple Smoked Goats Cheese Apple Smoked Brie Oak Smoked Mozzarella Smoked chilli and lime cheese

Tuxford and Tebbutt Stilton an age old recipe from 1780 that con only be improved with the taste of oak smoking. For all blue cheese lovers and smoked food lovers this is a must have! Coming in 250g portions there is plenty of opportunity to experiment with the attributes this cheese has to offer.

Our goats cheese is apple smoked for the best flavour. Cut from a magnificent chevre log these 125g portions are a perfect size and comes in our and is packaged like all of our cheeses for the best possible life of the product although we needn’t bother as once you open the packet you wont be able to control yourself.

Cornish Brie a favourite of the brie family smoked over the aromatic properties of apple smoke. This soft cheese is perfect for absorbing a flavour like no other. As with all of our cheeses there is no flavouring used other than smoke itself unlike other smoked cheeses on the market simply smoke flavoured with seasonings like paprika. The true taste of this fantastic cheese could never be replicated.

Oak smoked mozzarella balls, another soft cheese great for smoking. A great substitute for those enjoy a little lighter flavoured cheese but still want something more interesting to compliment there meal. Enjoy home made pizzas? Well here is something your friends will never expect to taste on there plate. For real smoked cheese lovers why not try our smoked cheddar grated complimented with this mozzarella!

Apple Smoked      Smoked Stilton      Smoked Chevre      Smoked Brie      Smoked Mozzarella Chilli & Lime   Oak Smoked Cheery Smoked