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Apple smoked bacon is the most wonderful delight! Any form of smoked bacon is known amongst smokers to blow your mind and pull you in for more. Said to be the one true smoked product that once mastered will leave you never buying shop bought bacon ever again. Made from free range rare breed pigs from the real pig company we buy half a pig go into the smoking process with a fresh butchered product. The whole process takes over two weeks of care and attention. This is all time well spent when the end product tastes as fine as it does.

Smoked Meats

Apple smoked Streaky bacon is much shares all the same qualities as the back bacon but more suitable for those who like more crunchy bacon with the flavour from the more fatty parts mixed with the lean. Streaky bacon comes from the belly and is cut into thinner strips for the the perfect portions sizes on your dinner plate. With a personalised dry brine mixture we don’t add any water for weight this means you get what you pay for and none of that white scum you get on shop bought bacon.

Apple smoked Gammon Steaks is real meat for real meat eaters if you enjoy  any pork at all then you really shouldn’t miss out. We apple smoke our gammon after many years of perfecting the flavour at home. we have come to find the most fascinating flavour in apple smoke that is enjoyed by many. Our gammon steaks are cut to a hearty portion size and because of the lack off added fluids you should be pleased with the reduced size loss from our steaks. These are perfect for a Christmas eve treat.

As with all of our products we do our best to buy from local sustainable sources! All of this done with no compromise to quality! We find this at the real pig company for all of your non-smoked pork be sure to use this fantastic family run business for the finest meat around. Don’t just take our word for it click on the the image (left) and see there site or call Sonia & Adrian to find out all about there fantastic little set up in Kitley farm

Apple Smoked Bacon Apple Smoked Streaky Bacon Apple Smoked Gammon Steaks      Smoked Bacon      Smoked Streaky   Smoked Gammon

£16.50 Per Kg

£16.50 Per Kg

£16.50 Per Kg