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Much like Hickory in America Oak rules the majority of Europe smoking. Being the most versatile of the smoking woods Oak will smoke anything like a dream and doesn’t make any mistakes. As well as being able to be used on any smoked foods it can also be mixed with most woods you please and promises great results, although it is important to think about the strength of the other woods such as Mesquite and walnut which are a little too strong.

Apple is one of the strongest fruit woods, the smoke holding a pleasant sweet fruity blend. Apple wood is great for smoking Fish, Pork, Ham, Poultry, and Game. Apple can be used very well to compliment other stronger woods such as Oak very well.

Cherry is a widely loved wood among chicken smokers due to it’s delicate taste. The light sweet and fruity smoke gives a rosy tint to white meats. You should experiment with cherry wood if smoking Beef, Pork, Poultry, and Fish. Cherry can be mixed with a variety of woods we usually add it to an Oak and Apple blend ourselves.

Pear being a real delicatessen among the smoking woods we deal with. Pear is too unlike apple but perhaps subtly milder in potency, but still has that light fruity sweet flavour this again makes it a perfect candidate for smoking light meats such as Chicken, Game birds, Fish, and pork preferably Ham.

Hickory being the most popular smoking wood in America and an ever growingly used wood here in the UK. Hickory has a unique heavy flavour of nice sweet bacon, which makes it a perfect smoking wood for meats like ribs, hams, sausages, pork, beef, lamb, and all heavy game.

Alder is one of the more unique flavoured woods itself it is quite delicate and has an aroma of the forest it’s truly one of a kind. It’s a highly regarded smoking wood in the northern parts of Europe, such as Scandinavia where it is a highly popular wood for smoking Salmon, Trout, and Haddock. Alder has a mild sweetness to it so be sure to experiment with pork, poultry, light game birds, and fish

All of this being said we often use a secret blend of these woods in our mixtures to provide you with the best flavours possible!